Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to Be More Drift Happy With Z1 Motorsports! Part 1- Installation


Next, we pop out the half shafts.
We used a rubber mallet to break the silicone and remove the stock rear cover.
The cover came off pretty easily. Let’s see what’s going on inside.
Here’s an inside look at the guts of the differential before the rebuild. This is the moment we discovered I had a 1.5-way limited slip!

When I bought the diff, I was told it was a 2-way. This means it has an equal amount of lock on acceleration and deceleration. 2-way diffs, or solidly locked spool-style diffs, are preferable for drifting. This explains some of the oddities and inconsistencies that the rear of the car had that I experienced while driving.

We decided to make the 1.5-way diff work. We shimmed it to increase the preload on the clutches to the point where the diff would almost be locked solidly. This would salvage things, as buying a new LSD was not really in my budget.


Before continuing the disassembly, we identified the bearing caps with a number, so that we could put them back in the same position and orientation that we removed them.

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