Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to Be More Drift Happy With Z1 Motorsports! Part 1- Installation


This is the Z1 Motorsports bushing that goes in the subframe where the stud from the back cover of the differential goes through. It was this stud that broke, which caused my differential to fall out of place.

This bushing stops the movement that can stress the diff mounting points. That and the reinforced stud boss on the Z1 Motorsports rear cover will assure that this failure won’t happen again.


Here is the backside of the bushing. It sits flat on the differential back cover.
Here is the bottom of the Z1 Motorsports solid bushing that goes on the differential housing itself to replace the rubber, worn out bushings.
This is the top of the Z1 Motorsports differential housing bushing; this is one of two pieces per side. These bushings completely stop differential movement.

Locking the diff in place prevents violent moment and wheel hop that puts stress on everything in the drivetrain. Preventing this is absolutely critical in a drift car, which is subjected to clutch kicks and tons of other abuse.


This is the bushing removal and installation tool that came with the kit! One cool thing about the kit is that Z1 Motorsports provides everything you need to install the parts.

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