Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to Be More Drift Happy With Z1 Motorsports! Part 1- Installation


Z1 Motorsports also included all new OEM pinion and carrier bearings with their 4.10 ring and pinion gear set. Once again, Z1’s parts are very complete and comes with everything necessary for a proper installation.
Here is an exploded view of the new genuine Nissan differential carrier and pinion bearings with their races. The all new parts will help ensure the longevity of the differential while being used in drifting or anything else for that matter!
Here is an OEM pinion bearing that was included in the kit. Genuine Nissan parts generally have the best quality and service life.
Here is a closer look at one of the new differential carrier bearings.
Lately, my limited slip diff has been not working positively. My diff has been suffering from poor lock up, which has made drifting consistently difficult. To fix this, we will be adding more preload on the clutch packs in the form of thicker first clutch plates.

These are thicker clutch plates from Kaaz that will be adding more preload to the LSD. The thicker plates will greatly increase the initial breakaway torque by increasing preload on the cone washers that apply clamping forces on the clutch plates.


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