Rebuilding a Nissan R200 Differential to Be More Drift Happy With Z1 Motorsports! Part 1- Installation


This cover comes with auxiliary cooling fins, which help keep fluid temps low. The extra case material with the generous addition of cooling fins act like a heat sink to help get the heat out of the gear oil.

The 350Z has very poor under-car airflow in the vicinity of the differential, thanks to its good from the factory aerodynamics. For this reason, the Z is very prone to overheating the differential, especially if a mechanical limited slip is used.

The Z1 Motorsports cover’s generous finning really helps keep the diff temps under control. Overheating of the diff can cause it to seize, suddenly locking up the rear wheels.


If you are using the provided extra bung for an oil cooler return and want to run a temperature sensor, there are provisions to add another hole to do so. On the side of the Z1 Motorsports diff cover, there is a flat spot that allows you to drill and tap for a temp sensor.

In this picture, you have a better view of the additional reinforcing ribs around the mounting stud boss. I feel that this is really going to prevent the kind of incident that took out my car.

The Z1 Motorsports diff cover kit is pretty awesome, and they included all necessary hardware! Washer, vent tube, an extra plug, a stud for subframe mounting, and silicone to seal the case.
We also got Z1 Motorsports’ solid aluminum differential mount kit. These mounts will absolutely stop the banging and crashing around of the stock rubber mounts that can overstress the stock mounting points.

These are the solid bushings that came with the kit. They are going to be a lifesaver since this was the failure point on my OEM setup.

In a case like what happened to my car, failure of the rubber mounts allowed a lot of free movement, which broke the mounting stud off my stock rear diff cover, putting a lot of extra force on the front mounts. This overworked them and allowed the diff to fly out of the car, breaking the driveshaft on the way out.


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