Tokyo Auto Salon 2013


Other Stuff

Generally speaking if you're into “Import Tuning” you're not here for the other stuff. But other stuff is interesting. How about a RE-Amemiya rotary powered Lotus? A Porsche speedster propelled by a 3 phase motor/generator turned heads, and I saw my first V4 in a Scuderia.

Lotus Europe RE-Amemiya
Lotus Europe by REAmemiya, 3Rotor RE20B engine mated to a Subaru Legacy 5-spd.
Lotus Europe REAmemiya
If the price of gold goes much higher they can always strip down the engine bay and use the funds to build something even more exotic.  Or maybe not; this is probably Kapton heat reflective tape.
Delta force electric 57 speedster
Delta Force, the company behind many hybrid and electric vehicles built this '57 Speedster replica powering it with an electric motor.
daihatsu kei car
CK Company Mazda AZ: It's a real shame Kei cars never became popular stateside. In tight technical courses (non-van versions) do extremely well. Maybe Daihatsu has to make a comeback!
Scuderia VR4
1971 Scuderia/Fiat 500: 190HP @ 12,500 RPM in a very light weight chassis.
Scuderia VR4
VR4, don't think I've ever seen a 4cyl in a V configuration before. Tube Chassis and Z33 Cusco diff.

This trip was like a health check on the state of Japanese Tuning. I'm happy to report that automotive passion is still alive and well over there. OEMs just need to light the wick and the fire will embolden those that have the love of all things automotive

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