Tokyo Auto Salon 2013


4WD: Subaru and Mitsubishi

The phenomenon of AWD tuning was huge just a few years back but has dwindled somewhat. Still, a loyal following is there. The 3000GT from Pit Road has always been a favorite of mine, although I'm not a fan of its graphics scheme; just a fan of the power and of keeping the 3000GT alive. In the Subaru camp, the D-Language STI with its orange clad paint scheme inspires many fond memories of Tarzan Yamada at time attack.

Subaru built their reputation on Rally, this one won't be on the world stage, but will compete in local Rally Japan type events.
Super GT, GT300 BR-Z.
ACRE/Varis colaboration: Varis Wide body kit, Diffuser, Hood, GT Wing, Rear Diffuser. Recaro seats, Cusco Suspension, RDD brake kit, Rays TE37RT, Blitz Exhaust.
Kyushu-Danji (translation: The boys from Kyushu). This EVO looks serious! Headwork by Cosworth, Short-block via a Tomei 4G63-22kit, 600HP they claim. Very little info is listed on the docket as far as turbo/tuning, but we'll find out more later.
I've always questioned Pit Road's (of Himeiji) graphics and paint, but year after year they make 3000GTs go faster and faster.
It always looks like a bundle of snakes underneath the hood of a 300GT.
With a 2.2L kit from cosworth, Precision Turbo Kit, 5-spd Dog-box, this EVO from G-Force is said to produce 600 HP.


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