Tokyo Auto Salon 2013



Someone at Honda needs to spearhead a bantamweight K24 based project in response to the FR-S. Perhaps something FWD people can cheer about …or even RWD! …or even Mid-ship!

The Honda crowd had plenty to cheer about at this TAS. Kakimoto Racing's NSX is a celebration of artisan cage and metal-work. The Top Fuel, and also J's Racing S2000s also made an appearance. More recent models like the CR-Z are being blown by superchargers, as seen in the Mugen and HKS booths.

Kakimoto Racing's Super NSX: 345 HP at 6900 using 92 mm High comp pistons, 48 mm 6-trumpet ITBs, 370 cc injectors. Kakimoto-proprietary racing dampers, 370 mm Endless 6-pots.
What's more impressive than the list of parts is the metal work that went into the chassis.
Voltex fitted the S2000K with their under belly pan and canards, it looks ready to take on Tsukuba.  The HKS GT3540 turbo pushes this engine to 712 HP at 7000 rpm.
Js racing carbon S2000
J's Racing built this carbon bodied S2000 with a 2.4L engine using B2 Toda Camshafts, ported head, and a quad throttle body encased in carbon.
Mugen RZ
Mugen-RZ, supercharged with computer reprogram, aero, upgraded suspension, and interior accouterments to make you feel like you're in something special. Yours for $45,000.
tokyo auto salon
Shops are really pushing the extremes of ECO-Tuning. This CR-Z sports HKS-Kansai Service's Stage 2 GT4015 supercharger and F-Con iS. Claims to make 201HP at 6000 RPM
tokyo auto salon nsx
Racing Factory Yamamoto produces their own Aero, Exhaust (both in Stainless and Titanium), Racing Seats, Brake Kit, Dampers, and lightened flywheels.

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