Tokyo Auto Salon 2013



Let's take a break from all the cars and have a quick look at the products show-cased at TAS. I was really impressed by the HPI oil filler cap with its built in blow by valve; just some added protection for your engine. The other thing that I was intrigued by is how much smart phone/tablet interfaces have come to fruition in metering and tuning devices. Lastly the Weds Sport SA-15R carbon wheel, awesome!

HPI Oil filler cap
Oil Filler cap with it's own spring loaded blow-by valve, attach it to a catch can and it'll dispose of sludge and unwanted gasses. Available for a variety of applications.
Defi gauges
Whatever information you're looking to monitor, be it RPM, boost, temperature, Defi's got you covered in a variety of appearances.
Cusco BRZ arms
Cusco: BR-Z/GT86/FR-S suspension arms.
Brilliant Performance: Collectors for the DIY people.
TRD pillowball mounts
TRD “Pillow Ball” mounts for your FR-S.
Defi's new Super Smart Sports Cluster. Also interfaces with various smart phones and tablets.
JUN VR38DETT valvetrain components
JUN: VR38DETT Valvetrain components.
Wedsports carbon fiber wheel
Another look at that WedsSport SA-15R.


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