Tokyo Auto Salon 2013


AVO Turboworld gt86
We've long been impressed at what AVO Turboworld does, and are also digging the subtlety of the Liberal body enhancements.
Gazoo STI BR-Z
Gazoo STI BR-Z.
 Advan and HKS GT86
Advan and HKS, this paint scheme brings back fond memories for me of their drag R33 and circuit EG.
 Marche BR-Z
The 4Marche BR-Z features an HKS 7040L Supercharger.  Other mods include Bride Stradia seats and 18X9.5 Volk Racing TE37Ls.
 Top speed gt86
Top Secret given their top speed background chose a turbo instead of a supercharger.  The car is running a Trust TD06 Turbo kit.  It also sports a Cusco diff, Ogura Clutch, and Enkei Wheels.
Carbon fiber GT86
Not sure if I'm a fan of the carbon body kit, but I'm definitely a fan of how it poignantly draws attention to WedsSport's new carbon wheel.
 Ogura racing clutch gt86
Ogura Racing Clutch is undoubtedly happy about the 86. New additions to their catalog…

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