Tokyo Auto Salon 2013



I think it'd be wrong to talk about the new eighty-six without following it up with the old eighty-six companion that spawned it. Notable mentions include privateer Impulse's all carbon AE86 (we visited them last summer), and the factory backed Lexus CCS-R ISF which competed at Pikes Peak this past August.

Impulse carbon AE86
To me this is the 86 that takes the cake. We've been following Impulse since last summer when we visited them in the summer of last year. On this Levin, every exterior panel where possible was done in carbon.
Impulse carbon AE86
By taking the cake, I mean compared to any 86 (new or old, FR-S, GT86, BR-Z, or Trueno): Impulse's Tajima also did the ITB housing in carbon.
impulse trueno
The Impulse Trueno.
Impulse trueno
Another Impulse creation the we saw earlier in its preliminary stages. 20V 4-AG, 200 HP at 8500 RPM, High Comp pistons, 272 long duration cams, TRD dry sump, Impulse: Ti-Trumpet throttles, exhaust system (Header, B pipe, & Muffler), Carbon Skirts, hood, Diffuser, roof, trunk, dash board, Endless based proprietary brake kit.
Lexus CCS-R
700 lbs lighter than a normal IS-F with more power, the Lexus CCS-R (Club Circuit Sports Racer) debuted at Pikes Peak in August 2012 with Ken Gushi at the wheel.
Schwarzer Supra
Schwarzer Supra: Abflug Exterior package and Interior package, Bride Stradia Seats, K's White Meters, European Taste Coil-over system, Prism II wheels, Endless 6-pots w/4-pot rears.
JZZ20R Soarer
The JZZ20R Soarer predecessor to the US SC300. This one by N-Style Custom houses a T04R Turbo along with other go fast goodies.

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