Tokyo Auto Salon 2013



With the current Roadster MX-5 having ballooned to 2447 lbs, older versions in Japan suffering from rust, and the general un-manly image, there was only the RX series of cars on display at the show. It's a shame that this latest generation of Miata hasn't done better in sales being such a capable chassis. That being said the Mazda cult showed its muscle via Taisuke Kawato's 4-Rotor “Jap-Bull”… yeah I know Japanese-Americans are offended. We visited him and his crew at TCP Magic on our last visit to the islands. When interviewed he said that it took two years just to fire up the engine, a completed car took another two years; four years in the making.

A 2JZ somehow crawled out of a wrecked car and into one of RE-Amemiya's rides. It's a wonderful display of the talent base they employ, but I'm just curious how the now front heavy ride handles.

TCP Magic's Four Rotor: Video Link 
TCP Magic ferrari rx-7
TCP Magic's Taisuke Kawato show his many talents. We saw this car in it's preliminary stages on our last visit. He says this kit is Ferrari inspired.
The crazy looking RE-Amemiya RX-7.
SGC FD3S with the Porsche look.
Knight Sports RX-8.
Knight Sports RX-8.
A rare sighting of a 2nd gen RX-7 at the show.  Winning Limited FC: Momo 36 mm steering, Pivot Metering.
RE Amemiya: 2JZ into a FD, Desecrated? HKS T04R w/264 cam, 1JZ-5SPD, Tomei LSD, ATS Carbon Twin.


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