Tokyo Auto Salon 2013



Blitz chromed GT86
Blitz's chromed 86.

The sheer number “86s” and the enthusiasm that surrounds them, is something to be inspired by. Although not a rear-wheel car, the buzz around the new 86 reminds me of the excitement garnered by the Honda (again not RWD) in my youth. For the forty-something the moniker 86 obviously pulls their heartstrings reminding them of the AE86. For the young (and younger) the BRZ/86/FR-S is really the first time in recent history that an auto manufacturer has made anything affordable and exciting.

This TRD paint scheme hearkens back to the days of old.  TRD introduced a series of suspension goodies including springs, matched shocks, sway bars, chassis braces, etc.

Although development on some were still in first rounds, there were plenty of great examples, a favorite of mine being the 2GR V6 swap done by Tom's. For the uninitiated, Tom's is a famed Toyota tuner based in Shizuoka just steps away from Fuji International speedway. Blessed with some factory support, the swap from this firm looks like it came directly from the factory.

Tom's V6 GT86
Famed Toyota Tuner Tom’s with Aero, Wheels, and Exhaust. Looks sorta like an older Celica from this angle.
Tom’s swapped in a 2GR, 3.5L Camry V6 into this one.
Note the super clean factory-like installation of the 2GR 3.5L V6.

Other standouts were Rasty's turbo kit with its large Subaru style top mount intercooler, and Cusco's 86 fitted with their entire catalog of suspension and drivetrain goods and topped off with a Sprintex Roots type blower. There were plenty of other great examples. See below.

And the award for the crazyiest looking turbo kit goes to… Pro-Shop Rasty.  This engine package was using an HKS GT-RS Turbo.
Rasty 86, perhaps the wildest looking turbo setup for a 86, but behind it is the car that was perhaps the wildest of the show… more on that in the Nissan Section.


Enkei RSM9 + Endless + Cusco (the gammut of parts) + Bride + Fujitsubo + Five Axis.


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