Tokyo Auto Salon 2013



Surprisingly with no new vehicle model offerings, Nissan still had a huge group of cars at the show. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. Nissan has always had a very loyal sports car following. Case in point the car that stole the show: Ben Sopra's gnarly 380SX. No, that's not a misprint. Ben Sopra/Trust/Full-Stage/TRA-Kyoto collaborated on this. It's a S13 body with a Trust modified 4.0L GT-R engine in it. A Hollinger sequential transmission resides inside the  tunnel with an R34 diff in the rear. Another favorite amongst the crowd were the JUN Auto-Mechanic and also Top Secret GT-Rs, plural.

Ben Sopra 380SX
Ben Sopra/Greddy/TRA Kyoto 380SX: In looking at the kit this one seems to address a lot of the criticisms that “aesthetic” aero kits get from real racers; although I'd like to see dive planes on the fenders.
Ben Sopra 380SX
Ben Sopra/Greddy/TRA Kyoto 380SX, yes I said 380. This is the car that stole the show. GT-R Drivetrain. Trust 4.0L stroker kit, TD06-25G trubos, Hollinger sequential transmission, 1100HP, 120kgm of Torque, ATS carbon diff, Enkei RS05RR 18″. The plans are for this car to make a high speed 400km run at Italy's Nardo Ring!
JUN and Ben Sopra.
Nissan VR38
VR38 on a stick, sprinkled with JUN upgrades.
My two cents on the Ben Sopra kit as a mechanic, the front hinge design makes things much easier to work on.  Top Secret GT-R: Trust 4L kit, HKS head package, 1200 cc injectors, Trust RX1200 Turbos.
friends-power s15
Friend's SR20VET powered. Variable Valve Timing head swapped. Tomei Power 86.5 bore/91 crank kit; nets in a 2138 cc displacement, Trust TD07-25G, Vi-PEC V88, Hyper-tune Surge tank, Friends orig. 42.7 piping exhaust w/100mm muffler.  Hollinger sequential MT, ORC clutch, Arogosta Coilovers, Ikeya Formula Suspension Arms, Advan A050, F50 front calipers from an R34.  Vertex Edge Aero, Voltex GT Wing, Body lightening and chassis reinforcement, Lexan Windows.
fujimira auto 370z
Fujimura Auto's “Rocket Dancer” is the performance arm of their broad based automotive group.  The car is sporting a GT 7040 Supercharger.


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