Building the FR-S FA20 Engine with Stay Crushing, Assembling the Engine!


To help reduce potential torsional whip in the crank with the much greater load of the supercharger taking 20 hp off the front snout, we went with the Fludiamper. We explained the Fludiamper’s attributes in a prior article in this series.

Howard installed the Fluidamper and the front belt tensioner. Our FA20 engine is almost together.

With our engine fully assembled, it was getting close to the time to drop it into the car!

Stay tuned, in our next segment, we put the engine into the car with some new bits from Perrin, Jackson Racing, HPS, Radium Engineering, DC Performance, Velox Motorsports, Votech and Raceseng.

We will also tune and dyno test it to see what kind of numbers our new engine gets before the car ships to SEMA.

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Portflow Design


Brian Crower

JE Pistons



King Bearings


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