Building the FR-S FA20 Engine with Stay Crushing, Assembling the Engine!


Next, the upper pan of the engine was installed. The upper pan is very substantial in construction. It acts to stiffen the cases, like a big girdle, and contains a windage tray to strip oil off the rapidly spinning crank.

The windage tray reduces oil burning, reduces oil temperature, and frees up power by getting rid of the liquid in the windage spray that causes resistance for the crank to turn through. The upper pan improves the structural integrity of the somewhat wimpy split case construction of the flat-4 cylinder FA20 engine.


Howard applies sealant to the Moroso oil pan baffle before installing it.

The Moroso pan baffle is sandwiched between the upper and lower oil pans. Here, Howard installs the lower pan onto the engine assembly.

Howard tightens down the lower oil pan. The engine front cover is installed at this time as well.

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