Building the FR-S FA20 Engine with Stay Crushing, Assembling the Engine!


Issues that could potentially need to be fixed are improper clearance or misaligned bearing bores that need to be corrected with align honing. Our motor had low miles and was in good shape when we started, so everything was okay.


Next, Howard puts assembly lube on the JE pistons pin bosses and on the piston pin itself.

The Brian Crower rod is held in place as the piston pin is pushed in. This takes a little effort because the pin to rod clearance is very tight; it is done to minimize noise. Too loose of a clearance makes a loud ticking noise. As little as 0.001″ can be noisy.

The piston wire locks are spiraled into place and slipped in the last little bit with a dental pick. The JE round wire locks are very reliable. A chamfer on the piston pin wedges them even tighter under side load.

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