NX GTi-R: DIY Aero and then Some!

Stock bushings simply cannot handle track use. This bushing literally fell out. Easiest replacement ever. Of course, the other one was not like that.
The factory control arms have been upgraded with the 2J Racing kit which provides extended ball joints and enhanced tie rod ends. I’ve also installed Whiteline Castor bushings and ES bushings – filling out the control arms and replacing aging ES bushings on my front sway bar. 2J Racing didn’t have SuperPro bushings when I was talking to them; apparently they are available now. That would have been my first choice in bushings.

The challenge with last minute decisions is that they are fraught with issues. The first issue is that the 2J Racing products were shipped by USPS rather than courier  as was ordered – a decision as 2J Racing stated was logical as they have had best success with USPS for international shipping. That has not been my experience and unfortunately it wasn’t a good choice this time as the shipment, which I wanted in two days, got lost in the mail between Miami and the Canadian border. Since expedited delivery had been requested and paid for, it seemed logical to assume that they were lost when there was no sign of them for over two weeks.

I ordered a second set and this time shipped to a border city where a Canadian who works in the U.S. was going to provide transportation for the final leg of the journey. They both arrived within a day of each other. And while the NX has had Whiteline Castor bushings, ES control arm bushings and all over previous upgrades – many of those parts are long gone. SuperPro bushings are the known way to go, but after a week of searching none could be located in North America (2J Racing now has these in stock).

During those searches the Whiteline KCA303 castor bushings were found and ordered. ES 7.3109 control arm bushings and ES 7.5115 front sway bar bushings were located and were in our hands long before the 2J Racing kit was seen. And rather than being in our hands, these bushings sat on the new shelf in the garage which doubles as a splitter out on the race track until they could be installed. Mind you, not all from the same place because that would simply be too easy. So decisions good and bad have been worked through and the still, with the NX now missing the first track day that was planned for on July 4th.


The size of the 2J Racing B13 bumpsteer kits’ ball joint is what I was looking for – a lowered car will benefit from this. However, the cotter pin hole above the castle nut slots (see inset pic). Not what I was expecting.


The second surprise is that the supplied tapered bolt for the tie rod end doesn’t seat properly and leaves a 2mm space. The third is that combined with the inner tie rods, these beautiful 2J Racing tie rod ends create massive toe in with no adjustment room left. That meant a sawzall and some tap and die work was mandated. There also were no instructions included or available on their website. The parts look incredible, these are issues that I didn’t expect to see on a finished product.

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