NX GTi-R: DIY Aero and then Some!

PAD came into play once again with the fender vents. Ansix Auto doesn’t build vents. Searching the internet for the sizes that I wanted proved futile so that left me with one option. Build my own molds that Greg at Ansix Auto could develop for me on his own time. I choose to have the vents get progressively larger. When I get access to a wind tunnel then I will learn whether or not my theory that this will be beneficial is actually beneficial.
For brake ducting I went to the obvious choice – Aircraft Spruce Canada. Aircraft Spruce is across North America and they have a wide range of flanges and ducting that will be ideal for brake ducts. Due to space limitations, I’ve elected to go with 2″ flanges and ducting. Using a hole saw, openings were made in the newly finished air dam.
The flange mounted on the brake caliper saddle bolt required a bit of compression to ensure that the bolt was accessible. Air flow is directed right at the caliper and the ducting will be hose clamped onto the flange. There is lots of room for turning with no rubbing anywhere.
The ducting isn’t clamped on in this pic, but you get the idea. The plastic wrap has also been removed.

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