NX GTi-R: DIY Aero and then Some!

My home shop is a 2 car garage and there is not a lot of room. The work bench under the clutter that you see is our chest freezer (I’m always in trouble for using it as a work bench!). I have a small drill press and that was excellent for drilling the holes. I clamped the left and right uprights together for drilling to ensure accuracy on both sides.
The hatch of the NX is sloped, so each upright has about a 15° angle to accommodate that. Al’s welding is fantastic.
Duct tape was used again as the final placement on the hatch was settled upon.
The hatch is a double skin so I used a hole saw to provide room to install the nuts – and for future access. I also put a 1/4″ aluminum plate on the inside of the hatch that then ‘sandwiches’ the hatch skin. This really firms up the wing. Once we do actual track testing, we’ll know if we need to have bracing from the trunk floor up to the hatch, but right now I don’t think it’s necessary.
Turns out that installing the rear wing was going to be the easiest part of this aero project. The front, well, while I’m pleased with the results, shocked me at the amount of time it took to construct.

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