NX GTi-R: DIY Aero and then Some!

These splitter rods are impressive. Professional Awesome has outdone themselves. Build quality and fitment is super. I took the upgraded aluminum fancy aluminum clevis option. Functional and look fantastic. I saw these rods in use and right after they took a hit in an off road excursion – they handled the stress wonderfully.

Earlier I mentioned the splitter rods, and not it is time to get back to them. It was a happy day when the Professional Awesome splitter rods arrived. They also went on a USPS sponsored holiday trip – the big difference from the other vender mentioned earlier is that here I hadn’t specified the type of shipping to be used/paid for expedited shipping, and the most important difference is that there was always positive and empathetic response. In other words, I was listened to. Pulling them out of the box revealed quality – the rod ends are heavy duty stainless as are the collets that grip the rods and hold them in place. The optional fancy aluminum clevis upgrade  is worthwhile for both appearance and functionality. Mounting them to the car’s bumper beam actually was easier than anticipated. In fact, everything about this installation was so easy and seamless. Professional Awesome have an excellent video on their website to ensure you’re ready for everything.

Last year, to enhance air flow, an 18″ x 2″ opening was cut in the beam (using a couple of hole saw blades and  sawzall blades and a lot of effort). This made it very easy to access the bolt head with wrenches.  The second thing that made this easy was that in almost the exact spot where the mounting point was going to be, there were factory threaded holes. They needed to be drilled out larger, but if you’ve ever done anything with a bumper beam then you know that using an existing opening is much easier. These Professional Awesome splitter rods are simply incredible parts. Strong and yet with a degree of flexibility. So easy to install and the rods, which come in 18 or 36″ lengths, are easy to cut to the size that you want. If you want splitter rods, get these. And this isn’t a promotional thing, I paid the same price for them as you’ll pay. These are simply incredible units that I strongly recommend.

Now it is time to button everything up and ensure that everything is torqued to spec. Then time for an alignment using Anxix Auto’s self alignment string setup. The car will get corner balanced too. Then in to AES Auto to get a flex sensor installed, as we switched to E85 last summer. Then on the dyno to check the tune. The aim now is that the first track event will be July 25th – and that cannot be missed. All of that is for another time, as this article has gone longer than anticipated. Thanks for reading.


AES Auto

Aircraft Spruce Canada

Ansix Auto

APR Performance

Energy Suspension

G-LOC Brakes

Precision Turbo

Professional Awesome



2J Racing


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