NX GTi-R: DIY Aero and then Some!

The rear wing supports look fantastic. They do raise the wing up into the clear air but some who have viewed the progress on Facebook have expressed dislike for the entire project. I can only assume that I may not like their car either; or that I’ve offended them by modifying this NX so far from its beginnings. This aero project has been in the works (theoretically only) for at least a decade. On that front I most certainly have to admit that this is extreme and that there are not that many Nissan NX’s with aero that has been pushed this far. There is a functional track purpose for every modification. Of course, the rear wing is not that extreme when you look at the front splitter. I have said more than once, only track time will tell if I’ve made the correct choices.

This is looking between the CAD splitter and the engine, and you can see that the splitter goes back to the Whiteline 4 point lower control arm brace. There’s a fair bit of room here – enough for brake ducting for certain.
Small wooden supports held the CAD setup in place while we checked things out. It was even strong enough that we could put the Greg Amy air dam into place to see fitment and appearance. What you don’t see in this pic is the challenge of fitting an NX2000 piece onto an NX1600. I tried to buy the front end pieces (I used to have two sets back east) but they weren’t available locally.
This is my splitter support. The large piece with three holes is bolted to the wood splitter. It has a male end that fits into the receiver. On the NX this is bolted to the base of the factory location for the tow hook. It’s solid yet should have movement should there be an off road excursion.
Here you can see the splitter mounts in place. The driver’s side male end is an inch longer than the passenger’s side, this makes it much easier to install.
CAD, PAD, and here a pad of graph paper for my evening doodling which turned into the working plan.

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