PRI 2015: Part 1


Here’s a set of Whiteline lower inner bushings of the front control arm for the E46 BMW M3. We have a set of these in the garage for our Project E46 M3, and attempted to install them prior to the show but we needed a special tool from Bavarian Autosport to press them back in (they go in tight). It’s nice to have these bushings come pre-pressed inside factory housings!

For the VW Golf Mark V and Mark VI, here’s a front control arm “anti-lift” kit…

…along with a set of 24mm swaybars (front and rear) for the VW Golf.

From King Racing, we’re looking at set of main bearings for the EJ motor, featuring its Tri-Metal pMax Black construction. King Racing has rod bearings available as well. Since King Racing had been helping to develop stronger and more reliable engines in the EJ world for many years, it made sense for them to apply their experience to the EJ platform. Its complete redesign of the main bearings reportedly allow for increased oil delivery while reducing leakage. And by incorporating King’s exclusive Elliptix oil ingress and 360-degree oil grooves, oil starvation is virtually eliminated.

Like last year, Brown & Miller Racing Solutions (BMRS) had a booth that invites you to come check out its race hoses and fittings, thanks to a wide selection. I don’t know but don't the hands kind of look like those creepy plastic ones used to train dogs to be less aggressive with their food?

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