PRI 2015: Part 1


I’m sure by now that most of us are familiar with the ever popular Street Outlaws series on the Discovery Channel. Last year at PRI 2014 I saw the Farmtruck and the Oldsmobile Cutlass known as the “Cutty” there. This year, Royal Purple featured the car that ended the season at #1 on the OKC List, known as the “Murder Nova”. 

While Chief’s new ride for 2016 was also at the show, I apologize I didn’t get a chance to see it. I did, however, get a couple of the others, including the Dung Beetle and the unbeatable Camaro driven by Kye Kelly, which you’ll see later (that thing is awesome).


These Street Outlaws cars are no joke. However, the way they're built, fully-tubbed and all, I’m not sure I’d call them “street” cars, even though they race on a sreet. But that's just me. Still, you could go as far as to call this Nova a sleeper because there isn’t a whole lot telling me to expect the ludicrous 3000 ponies waiting to jump out from under the hood!

Here’s a shot from the rear.  The Murder Nova is one of the “big tire” cars on the show, meaning it runs over 33-in tall of a tire (small tire cars, I believe, use 26-in tall tires).

Several of the Street Outlaw racers could be spotted walking around the show, including Shawn (Murder Nova), Big Chief, Boosted, Farmtruck and AZN, Monza, and even Kye Kelly, who apparently has a new street racing show of his own coming up in 2016.


Race Ramps are a neat because they don’t scratch the floor, are extremely lightweight, and come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate even the lowest vehicles.  Plus, you can drive a vehicle up higher to work from underneath, and even keep it stored this way indefinitely.

Here are some more Race Ramps. Notice the low profile of the ramps, and the roll-preventing blocks. We’ve got some of these ramps from and love them.

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