PRI 2015: Part 1


Here is the actuator installed on a 6-speed sequential transmission for the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racer.

Peterson Fluid Systems had a nice display showcasing different sizes of dry sump oil tanks…

…along with some high-level, 6-stage oil pumps for maximum horsepower and efficiency.

I’ll just put this picture in of what appears to be yet another driveshaft torque sensor–this one from KA Sensors–to see if Mike Kojima notices…

Fuel Safe had a few cutaway fuel cells so we could see all that is involved in creating one of these units. Based out of Oregon, these guys are all about safety and light weight. In this picture you can see the bladder, which is made with a specialized coated fabric and elastomeric composite to stay flexible and not leak during a crash. The foam baffling prevents the fuel from sloshing. The fill plate on top has roll over protection on both the vent and filling portions.

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