PRI 2015: Part 1


Xtrac is complete eye candy when it comes to transmissions. I first learned of Xtrac during my tour at Fall Line Motorsports, where I witnessed the wealthy customers that were were paying in excess of $60k for these boxes for their weekend warriors! What we’re looking at here, however, is an F1 box used in a 2010 Marussia, which went for $150k at the time!

F1 is all about weight, space, and tight clearances. These boxes are small, and yet they still contain a setup with seven gears (now eight gears, as of 2014) that can take the abuse!

Check out the detail on the front portion, all the way down to the motorsports grade connector.

This is an Xtrac actuator, which features three pistons for faster shifting. In fact, it’s reported to shift the gears in 0.03 seconds (that’s 3/100ths, not tenths)!

If F1 parts is what you love, make sure to also check out our coverage of our trip to Italy, which includes the Italian Grand Prix, in which we go through the 2013 Ferrari as well as a bunch of Magneti Marelli parts!

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