PRI 2015: Part 1


Here are some more, only along with the Honda K20 you see above, on the bottom we’ve got RB26DETT dampers for the R33/R34 platforms rated up to 750 hp (left) and on up to 1500 hp (right).

I remember Scheid Diesel having an impressive car last year—I think it was the record holding diesel-powered dragster. This year they didn’t disappoint with this concoction of a tri-turbocharged diesel engine. Some of the engines this company produces are rated in excess of 2000 horsepower.

In the Premier Performance Products and Distribution booth sat this absolutely crazy looking rat rod with everything so over the top that I’ll just let you look at it and enjoy for yourself. Those are ATS Diesel Performance turbos on there.

Here is that crazy truck continued. This thing could supply my dentist with enough nitrous to last a year.

Seeing this brought back some good memories. I used to use Jiffy-Tite fittings on my Project MKIV Supra but due to tight clearances when I changed out my fuel system I had to let it go. I did really like the quick disconnect fittings, however.

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