PRI 2015: Part 1


This year Stoptech went for the clean, clutter-less look with its booth.

Stoptech did have a couple of small displays showing off both its street performance line of dual and four-piston calipers…

…along with its racing line of products more destined for the track. This included its dual, four- and six-piston setups, along with its pretty, modular floating rotors.

Speaking of Stoptech’s racing success, I spotted a set of Stoptech’s newly released, non-directional slotted rotors on a rather cool newly released car…

…this is the new NASA NP01 built by Elan Motorsports. The NP01 a purpose-built racecar for the newly announced NASA NP Series, which brings real prototype style and performance to the everyday competitor at an affordable price. Believe it or not, these come either assembled or ready to be assembled (and reportedly with basic garage tools!) by the buyer. Elan reports between 75-100 hours on average for assembly.

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