PRI 2015: Part 1


Rounding the corner, AEM had a plethora of X-Series digital gauges, including those for AEM’s AEMnet Can Bus, Digital OBDII and even a GPS-based speedometer.

Here’s another close up of those AEM X-Series Digital gauges.

The famed AEM Infinity EMS is now available with “Plug and Play” harnesses for a variety of vehicles, including select Hondas and Acuras, GM LS, Mitsubishi Evos, Nissan Skyline R32-R34, Suzuki Hayabusa, Volkswagen 1.8T, Porsche 997, Ford Coyote engines, Nissan 350Z, and even Polaris 900 and 1000!

The AEM Infinity Plug and Play harnesses was released initially for the E46 M3 and Toyota Supra (MKIV), which we installed on our Project E46 M3 and Toyota MKIV Supra, and they’re continuing to run flawlessly!

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