Tragically Awesome – TMB Fabrication’s #Winning Time Attack EG Civic
Diffuser close-up showing center-exit exhaust
The car also features a 3″ 304 stainless exhaust with a center exit, terminating in a Borla muffler. You can also just barely make out the rear Fortune Auto damper’s remote reservoir, which are in a place that is relatively easy to access when needing to make adjustments. You can also see the base of the massive rear wing mount protruding from the top of the rear bumper.
Looking up at swan-mounted rear wing from rear corner of bumper
Booth is using a Nine Lives Racing “Big Wang” element to help keep the rear planted.

He fabricated a super slick swan mount that’s about as integrated into the chassis as it can get, tied in at both the roofline and the bumper line. Nine Lives Racing is a Georgia-based outfit that worked closely with LeMans-caliber aerodynamic engineers to design an airfoil that offers extremely high CFD-validated performance in an aluminum element that won’t break the budget or the bank. Nine Lives Racing offers a good selection of mounting options or, if you’re handy and fab-y like TMB, you can make your own.

Thruxton standing on top of his wing on his car
Can you stand on top of your wing? That’s some impressive Big-Wang strength!
Fabricated cross-brace tying swan mount uprights together
When you can fabricate things all by yourself, you tend to go a little overboard sometimes. Not that this x-brace isn’t functional. But it’s… intricate to say the least. And sticking with the Sharpie theme, you can see TMB’s design remarks written on the brace. Remember, Trucker, that’s 90-degree angles on top and 45-degree angles on bottom!
TMB Fabrication Civic driving towards frame left on track
Overall, the TMB Fabrication EG Civic is pretty re-mark-able. See what I did there?

Despite the busted blower, Trucker Booth managed to pull a 1:34.451 at Global Time Attack Road Atlanta in this 2018 edition. That was good enough to take 2nd in Limited FWD. But, more impressively, it was only off his previous Road Atlanta time of 1:33.577 by less than a second! Think about that for a… second.
See what I did there?

TMB isn’t done, quite yet. He’ll continue to campaign this Civic, but he’s also building another EG from the ground up that has a lot more in store. Look for it to be completed “in a few years”. I think we’ve got time to wait.

See what I… never mind.

TMB Fabrication

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