Tragically Awesome – TMB Fabrication’s #Winning Time Attack EG Civic
Massive fiberglass overvender over the front wheel
The canards tie into the front bumper at the same point where the bumper ties into the chassis and the fender.

A massive 50mm or so fiberglass over fender covers the wheel and tire that inevitably sticks out way past the original body lines. I don’t think Honda had 275mm tires or 10” wide wheels in mind when they designed the EG Civic fenders. TMB made the fenders quick-and-dirty. 15mm worth of wheel spacers were added on, and then the front end was adjusted to full compression. Felt was stretched over the tire where it stuck out, and then fiberglass was applied over the result. “Simple and effective — but not very elegant.”

Upshot of front corner of Civic with canards, overfender, splitter, wheel and tire
Here’s another view of the whole kit nicely assembled.
Ground-level photo of side skirt viewed from rear wheel
TMB made their own side skirts to help keep the air spilling over the sides of the car from curling under the car.
Tons of vents in the carbon hood
Speaking of keeping air moving, the carbon hood features quite an array of TMB fabricated louvers.  This helps prevent air from backing up inside the engine compartment.

Not to focus all of the attention on the front, though. Some people like the rear, too.

Rear 3/4 view of Civic showing massive wing and diffuser and center-exit exhaust
And there’s plenty to love out back of the TMB Fabrication Civic, with a massive wing and massive diffuser.
Rear 3/4 close-up of rear diffuser
A lot of work went into the rear diffuser set up, with many bends, many rivets, and many aluminums. The diffuser features several vertical elements and a quite robust mounting assembly to effectively hang it from the rear of the chassis.

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