Tragically Awesome – TMB Fabrication’s #Winning Time Attack EG Civic
Maxxis RC-1 slick viewed from behind opening in front fender
Wrapping those wheels are Maxxis Victra RC-1 275/35-17 semi-slicks.

Maxxis is no stranger to rubber and is well-known within the motorcycle, bicycle and karting markets. They are especially famous for their work in the crawling and off-roading communities. But over the years they have slowly been chipping away at the automotive market and the RC-1 is one of the newer additions to their ultra high-performance lines.

The RC-1 is a DOT-rated R compound tire, which means that it’s legal for a lot of different types of competitions that require a street-legal gummy. It’s available in just enough sizes to provide a fitment for anyone. But it definitely is not going to work in the wet. But that’s OK.

Afco F88 4-piston calipers peeking through XXR wheel
Behind the wheel and tire, TMB Fabrication is employing Afco F88 4-piston calipers fed by Afco kevlar braided lines. The calipers clamp Hawk DTC 70 pads down on Allstar performance 11.75 x 1.25 rotor rings mated to Wilwood hats.

Out back TMB is utilizing 15×9 949 6UL wheels with a +36 offset. A 5mm spacer is added to help the wheel clear his trailing arm design. The wheels are wrapped with 225/45-15 Victra RC-1 tires. Why the huge disparity in wheel diameter and tire width?

“The car weight bias dictated the tire size.” Maxxis is a sponsor, but the widest 15” tire they have in the RC-1 is only a 245 — not wide enough for what TMB needed. The 17s were selected for the 275 width, despite the weight penalty. Rear grip was sufficient, so the much lighter-weight 6UL setup remained. While “it looked a little goofy at first”, Trucker’s testing proved much higher corner speeds with the lop-sided setup, and only slightly lower top speeds.

The rear brake setup features unknown over sized rotors and Integra calipers. Hopefully, TMB figures out what the rotors are by the time they need to be replaced! Hawk HP+ pads are used out back.

Wilwood brake master cylinder mounted to firewall in engine bay
A Wilwood 13/16” brake master cylinder helps push the brake juice where it needs to go.
Wilwood brake proportioning valve mounted next to shifter
A Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve allows for fine-tuning the brake bias on the fly.

With the go and the stop covered, let’s see how the Civic gets fancy dancing.

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