Tragically Awesome – TMB Fabrication’s #Winning Time Attack EG Civic
Autometer Pro-Comp 30PSI boost gauge
Ohai! An Autometer 30PSI Pro-Comp Ultra Lite boost gauge is neatly nestled into a TMB-fabricated mount just behind the steering wheel front-and-center. Even nowadays with all of the electronic displays commonly used in race cars, a lot of us prefer the clean simplicity of analog gauges. The rest of the EG’s gauge cluster is left untouched.
Aluminum dash panel with gauges
TMB fabricated an aluminum delete panel that goes where the EG’s HVAC and radio used to be in order to house a pair of liquid-filled Autometer Pro-Comp gauges. It is a very good idea to always have your oil pressure and water temperature gauges in an area of high visibility. The Autometer gauges are accurate, fast responding and are liquid filled. Being that they’re liquid filled they can easily withstand vibrations that would knock other gauges out of calibration or even break them! Most importantly, they have a bold face which makes them easy to read.  A lot of people don’t realize how important that is in a race car. The aluminum panel is also used to mount the master cut-off switch. The rest of the dash is essentially otherwise unmodified.
Aluminum switch panel with starter button
To the left of the steering wheel is another aluminum panel with the starter button — no keys required. The right-most switch is the ignition power. The left switch currently serves no function.
Hybrid Racing shifter
A Hybrid Racing universal K-Swap shifter is used to find the right cog on the mostly stock Honda transmission.  The shifter makes this part of the swap easy, it works with both the OE and HR cables and has an adjustable throw, knob height and location.  The stainless steel and billet aluminum construction assures more positive action and longer life than the cheeseball stock K-Series shifter found in an RSX.

A Tennessee Clutch Supply ceramic 4-puck sprung disc mated to a stock pressure plate helps get the engine’s power from the lightweight aluminum flywheel (possibly Fidanza) to the K20 trans. That transmission is a stock K20Z3 unit with the OEM helical LSD with a 4.7 final drive attached, but the 6th cog has been exchanged for a shorter 6th from a Type-S. Cheap parts store axles get the power out to the front shoes.

XXR 527 Wheels
Speaking of shoes, the Civic wears XXR 527 wheels sized 17×10 with a +25 offset up front.

TMB’s main complaint is that wide, lightweight, 4-lug wheels are relatively hard to find (or quite expensive). If he had to do it again, he would go 5-lug for better choices.

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