Tragically Awesome – TMB Fabrication’s #Winning Time Attack EG Civic
PLM small-tube header
Exhaust gases escape through a PLM small-tube 4-2-1 header, but TMB installed a megaphone of their own design feeding a 3” outlet.
Upside-down AE86 radiator cooling a K20
Thruxton stole (his own words) a radiator out of his AE86, then mounted the no-name unit upside down, cut the original cap bung off, plugged the hole, and fabricated hard lines in order to keep the engine properly cooled.
Radiator resevoir and swirl pot with Hybrid Racing cap
TMB also fabricated a high mounted swirl pot/reservoir to purge all the air bubbles out of the coolant. Swirl pots make a big difference in cooling capacity.

This unit is now at the highest point in the coolant system, fed by titanium hard lines (“because I had the titanium, and why not?”). The system self-bleeds and, when the car was NA, would almost run too cold. Now, with the blower, in Goldilocks-esque fashion, it’s just right.

Handwritten sharpie notes on radiator support
Don’t forget to put fuel in it! The TMB EG Civic runs on E85.
Hondata ECU on trans tunnel
Trucker is using a Hondata K Pro V2 ECU to make all-the-powers.

It’s not too much power though. Turning the rollers to a mild-mannered 350 WHP on 12PSI of boost (when the blower isn’t busted of course). Jason Su of Suja ONE Motoring in Nashville TN, with the help of Topy at Papaya Motorsports, tuned the car in both NA and boosted trim. Considering the car’s relatively light curb weight (unknown, but somewhat lighter than stock) the car works well on-track.

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