Tragically Awesome – TMB Fabrication’s #Winning Time Attack EG Civic
The lonely intercooler on the ground after a supercharger failure
Tragedy struck again at the 2018 Global Time Attack in Road Atlanta when the Rotrex C30-94 supercharger sheared its impeller shaft.
Sheared-off Rotrex impeller wheel
That’s a nice impeller you got there. Too bad it’s not attached to its shaft.

Thruxton “Trucker” Booth, never to be deterred, simply yanked the ‘charger and kept on… trucking. You can see the TiAL BOV and the Treadstone intercooler core that TMB fabricated to work. At least when the supercharger is actually installed, that is.

By the time we got off track after the mid-day sessions and back to the Global Time Attack pits, the team had already pulled the entire blower kit off the car. So we will be concentrating on the EG’s N/A set-up in this feature. Here’s a shot Thruxton provided with all the forced induction goodies bolted on.
Gold foil wrapped K20 intake
The K20A2 “RBC” intake manifold has been wrapped in heat reflective tape and custom ported and modified by TMB to fit.

The RBC manifold was chosen because, as Hybrid Racing suggests, it is “the best intake manifold Honda has made [for the K series] as far as power is concerned”. TMB also increased its volume during the porting and machining process.

Hybrid Racing K-series 70mm throttle body
A Hybrid Racing 70mm throttle body helps get the intake charge into the engine.
Hybrid Racing K20 fuel rail
A Hybrid Racing K20 fuel rail is fitted with Injector Dynamics 1050x injectors.

A Hybrid Racing fuel pressure regulator receives fuel from a Bosch 044 pump installed in the OE fuel tank. Inside the OE fuel tank a Holley HydraMat was installed in order to prevent fuel starvation during high g turns, especially at lower fuel levels.

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