Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


…along with its street shock absorbers. 

In the BMW world, Bilstein has always been among one of the most popular upgrades for people just upgrading shocks and springs to a non coil-over setup.  I had this setup on my first 97 BMW M3 myself, and ran it with Eibach springs.  It was great both on and off the track, and the car only sat 1-in lower.

In recent years they’ve developed several coil-over setups for both street and track that many of the BMW and Porsche club racers use, to name a few.  Bilstein's engineers pride themselves on a lot of testing at the Nurburgring track, which is why you see the wolf head-looking track map on their setups.


Here’s a Pro Mod car, but notice it’s motor is not twin turbocharged like the others!

No, this Pro Modified dragster is a centrifugally supercharged beast sitting in the ProCharger booth.  ProCharger is a company that’s local to me here in the Kansas City area, and seeing ProCharger-supercharged V8s around here is pretty common.

Here’s another close-up of the ProCharger F1 for the Pro Mod cars. 

Anyone who knows road racing can appreciate a Nissan GTR.  But a NISMO GTR GT3 is a whole other sight to behold.  Let's take a closer look at it…


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