Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


Stoptech needs no introduction.  Any large event without their stuff showcased just doesn’t seem complete.  This company lives and breathes testing.  Check out their two-piece slotted rotors.

Stoptech also offers many 6-piston caliper colors to suit your fancy.  Their cross-drilled setups are also great for coolor temperatures, yet also aren’t prone to cracking like some of the cheaper brands.
Here is one of Stoptech’s revamped 4-piston caliper setups for street and race. 

Seeing some of the guys from Stopetch again lets me reminisce of the good old days.  Back in 2001, while writing for european car Magazine, I got to work with Stoptech on some projects, including an E36 BMW M3 and a Mini Cooper S.  I also got to witness their testing as they used my M3 for some their development for this application.

I ended up running Stoptech’s 332-mm (13.1-in) four-piston front big brake kit based off of the Ferrari F40, with stock rears, on a 255whp cammed M3 with success on high speed tracks like Willow Springs and California Speedway.  Stabbing the brakes at 140mph on R-compound tires wasn’t too much for the measley 13-inchers, even with streetable pads.

When I think of Stoptech, the most memorable thing for me is the knowledge and passion of co-founder Steve Ruiz.  In fact, our own technical editor for european car at the time, Dan Barnes, was so impressed with the company himself that he left the media world to work for Stoptech.


WPC and Mike Kojima seem to go hand in hand.  These guys love Mike, and he loves WPC's metal treatments.  If you haven’t seen what WPC can do to reduce friction to metal engine surfaces, you need to check out the video Mr. Kojima has made famous, which we've got on the next page.  WPC treatment is pretty incredible stuff.

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