Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


Here’s a close-up of the Mazda 2.0-liter turbo, which is juiced by VP100 unleaded racing fuel.  It’s got a Garrett turbo, but I’d never seen a TiAL turbine housing before.  TiAL makes stainless housings for the Garrett GT28, GT30, GT35, GT42, GT45, and GT55 turbos. 

The advantages TiAL housings have over the standard housings are better looks under the engine bay; smaller physical sizes for easier fitments; better heat retention from its stainless steel over cast iron; inconel bolts for better stretch resistance; up to a 33% weight reduction over cast iron; and finally, the preventiion of rust that always seems to hit the uncoated cast-iron housings!


Speaking of rust, check out this rust bucket!  It’s actually a truck called “Project Condor”, and it was being showcased in the PAC Racing Springs booth.  It’s got some crazy stuff on it too…

…for instance check out its fully custom 3D-modeled square tube frame, which house the PAC-JRi racing double-adjustable coil-overs. PAC pro touring sway bar, and the Watts link with 7075 aluminum adjustable 4-link bars custom made by Branik Motorsports.  The rear axle is a Yukon Gear 35 spline with Grizzly Locker.  And check out that wood panel flooring that's nicer than in my kitchen.  Oh, and don’t forget that little bomb sitting back there either.  I just assumed it was disarmed.

Here’s a shot of Project Condor’s plush interior.

The engine by houses a 442 cubic inch LSX engine with K1 Technologies forged crank and Wiseco pistons.  The fully CNC’d LS3 heads, intake manifold and 850 CFM carburetor are by Trick Flow Development, and the engine is secured with ARP hardware.  Lingenfelter GT21 cams with .710 lift keep high RPM performance happy.

We hope you enjoyed Part 2 of our 3-Part PRI 2014 coverage.  Stay tuned as we conclude this magnificent show coverage with plenty of more excitement to follow!


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