Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


The Holley Hydromat was probably one of the coolest—if not the coolest—parts we saw there.  Using surface tension, this mat can be placed anywhere on the bottom of your fuel tank, and every drop that comes in contact with it will get sucked through the Hydromat’s veins, and into your fuel pump.  Notice in this picture how far the tank has been tilted and that the fuel pick-up in the middle is still picking up fuel with no air bubbles, as evidenced by the bubble-less fuel line on the top.

This is a part I definitely need on Project Supra because at 3/8ths tank I’m encountering a little bit of fuel starvation under hard pulls from third gear on.  It would be a great product for anyone running any type of circle-tracks, or really any type of application for that matter.  At least you know here that when you run out of fuel, you are really out of fuel.


While the Holley Hydromat comes in a large size to stuff down racing fuel cells with large openings, it also has applications for street cars with limited openings, and it is available with optional fittings. 

DeatschWerks has new Bosch-developed fuel pumps available.  The DW400 is its highest flowing in-tank fuel pump, featuring E85 compatibility and up to a 400 LPH flow rating at 43 PSI.

DeatschWerks also has very sturdy fuel surge tanks available.

Here’s another one of my favorite products at PRI 2014.  This carbon wheel from AIM looks fantastic and has all kinds of features.  The AiM GT320 pictured here measures 320-mm in diameter while its GT350 big brother is available for those desiring 350-mm widths.  The AiM GT wheel comes with either a SPA- or OMP-compatible hub, and different leather options are available.  Four buttons are for any programmable external commands, while the other four are for user pushbuttons.  The paddle shifts are optional as well.

Lap times and data can be shown in successive pages in a user-defined way by simply selecting the data you want to monitor, and you can create custom pages that can show up to four fields each.  The LEDs at the top of the wheels are, as you might imagine, for shift lights.  But the 10 shift lights can be configured choosing LED color and the RPM threshold value that will switch them on and off.

This wheel also features a very flexible alarm that you can choose to activate with each LED behavior, as well as the conditions for its switch-off.  The wheel was designed for GT and Touring cars but what’s to stop you from putting one of these $1600 wheels on your streetcar?  I want one of these!

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