Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


Stilo was at PRI 2014 showing off its share of carbon helmets with anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses.

In the Wheelen Motorsports booth rested this cool Corvette Prototype IMSA racer it sponsors, showcasing the firm’s intense headlight setup for night racing.  The car is owned by Ted Marsh of Marsh Racing, and is raced by Eric Curran and Boris Said in the IMSA Tudor United Sports Car Series.

Anyone into BMWs recalls Boris Said's long racing career with the Tom Milner PTG BMW M3 GT3 racing team.  I recall being at one of my first media track events in 2000 at Buttonwillow Raceway.  While I was fartin' around the track, my wife Rhonda sat on the pit wall watching me.  Before long, she and Boris Said spent over a half-an-hour talking.  It was there she'd learned he was one of the founders of the well-known No Fear clothing brand.  He started it with twin brothers Brian and Mark Simo, who also raced for PTG.  They lived in a 1-bedroom apartment around the Venice Beach area and lived off of PBJ's to get things up and running.  Pretty cool.  I had no idea.


Check out these seamless panel systems from Quentor.  They had neat mock-ups of what some racing teams might already be using, including Andretti Racing on the right and a mix of F1 teams on the left. 

If you read through our Tour through Fall-Line Motorsports article, you may remember some trick sequential transmissions worth over $60k on some of their racecars.  They were made by Xtrac, and the firm was at PRI 2014 showing off some of its stuff. 

This Xtrac unit here is for a front-wheel drive World Touring Car Championship racecar, and it uses F1-derived gear sizes for reduced weight and overall size of theh gearbox.  It also features easy installation and removal, along with a fully exposed gear cluster when removed to allow for easy gear ratio changes.  This entire assembly weighs in at just 87-lb. 


Speaking of racecars, how’s this full-carbon bodied Dalara IL-15 Indylights racecar in the Performance Friction booth?  This one is powered by a Mazda 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-banger, which puts out 450hp with an additional 50hp available from the push-to-pass button.  At only 1400-lb, you probably can’t have any more fun than in one of these.

Click to the next page to check out this Dalara's engine up close, as well as a hooptie sleeper that is sure to surprise…

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