Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


Now how cool is this?  FAST offers an LS intake manifold with tunable power gains via different length runners.  For increased air velocity resulting in more low- to mid-range torque, you can install the longer runners.  For more top end power, FAST offers its shorty runners.  And for a happy medium, the firm also sells a middle length runner set.

The Corvette racecars have always been neat to look at, starting with the C5-R, and this C7-R is no different.  This one races in IMSA’s GTLM class.  These cars usually run really cool diffusers, so let’s check the rear out.

Look at the rear aerodynamics here. It was interesting to see an underside wing instead of a diffuser.  And notice the puller fan in the middle.  Any guesses as to what that fan might be for?

It was right here where a turning point of the show happened for me.  A well-dressed man approached me and asked about the Corvette’s undercarriage aerodynamics.  When I asked Mr. Wiegart where he was from, I was almost giddy to find out he was the creator of the Vector supercars. 

I remember the W8 Twin Turbo Vector.  It was a 600-plus bhp spaceship looking thing capable of 220 mph in the late 80s.   When the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959—the super exotics of their day—were topping out at 201 MPH and 211 MPH, respectively, the Vector W8 showed them no mercy.


This is Gerald Wiegart.  You should be hearing more about his brand name, Vector Motors, very soon.  This picture was taken in the Garrett Turbos booth.

Vector Motors hasn’t created a new car in recent years.  I even asked him about the Vector M12 with the Lamborghini Diablo engine but he says that was not his doing, and that there were a lot of legal issues when that car came to the market (it was all part of a hostile company takeover, you see).  But that doesn’t mean Mr. Wiegart doesn’t have something nasty up his sleeve.  In fact, without disclosing what I promised him I wouldn’t tattle on, let’s just say he’s hell-bent on embarrassing the Bugatti Veyron, and it sounds like a car Mr. Wiegart would like to beat up with a bat.

Greatly intrigued, I spent most of an hour speaking with Mr. Weigart.  And if what he says he’s working on will actually come true, he’ll be redefining what a hypercar is in America, and I’ll just leave it at that.  Whatever happens, just remember you heard it here first, and I hope to here more about this Vector in the spring.


When it comes to cylinder head components for high horsepower cars seeing over 8000 RPM, Ferrea components is almost a household name.  Ferrea manufactures titanium valvetrain components that are used in all types of racing and street use.


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