Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


At the front of the car you can catch a lot of aerodynamic enhancements over the street version.  The front end of this sucker simply looks mean.  NACA ducts, louvers…

…and check out that splittler action!  This sucker sticks out about a foot. 

There is carbon fiber all over this GT3 racer.  Check out the louvers and side exit exhaust.

JD squared were showing off this little creation along with its assortment of pipe benders, notchers and horizontal presses.  This little guy would be a hoot to ride to school in.  Oh, she looks like she's thinking about it.  Hey I think she'll fit!

Check out this cool Pro Mod car running Garrett turbos.  The black finish on the boosted components made it look pretty unique over the other Pro Mod cars there.  This example was on display in the Mainline Dyno booth with its wheels bolted onto one of its dynos.  Oh man, I would love to witness a 3000 HP dyno pull!

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