Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 2


On this table we're looking at Ferrea’s new PAC Alloy Beehive valve springs as well as its titanium retainers, valve locks, and valve guides. 

Ferrea is another one of those companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with on a couple of turbo cars over the years, including our Project Supra (see Part 2), but it was only this year that I’d found out this company, and its owners, were originally from Argentina.

Being an Argentina native, it’s easy to get excited about meeting other Argies, and to talk the usual (which is soccer—duh).  But I never expected to meet a well-known, high-performance company from my home country.


That being said, you might imagine my surprise when I found this rather large booth.  Could it be?  No way…

So I asked them in our native Spanish dialect—“Che, realmente son Argentinos?” (Hey, are you guys really Argentinian?), and when I got the confirmation I was blown away.  These guys had some nice parts, too.  Turns out they were a conglomerate of four actual companies represented from Argentina, including Collino Machines, Conforma Exhausts, Pozzi, and ExportAr.


First, let's check out Conforma exhausts.  I'd never heard of them but Mike Kojima seemed to recognize it.  This nicely welded header was on display for the Ferrari 430.

Conforma also had a nicely stepped header system for the Honda K20 motor.

Collino Machines from Argentina was also there showcasing several racing parts, including this shifting mechanism as well as this full carbon steering wheel, which was unbelievably light and weighed a reported 0.8-lb!


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