Getting More Power From the 4G63 With Link Engine Managment

Photography by Vincent Soto

Now that we have accumulated all of the cool parts for our Project Evo IX it is time to start getting it all together to integrate into our Link Engine Management plug and play ECU. We are going to use our Link to seamlessly integrate many functions such as flex-fuel, water injection and pump gas operation so the engine can run any combination of operating modes automatically with no driver input except for filling the tank with his choice of fuel.  With this seamless operation, the Link ECU will also act as a watchdog over the engine, monitoring water injection, boost, and fuel pressure, able to act appropriately if something wrong is detected.

So let’s get started on installing our go-fast goodies and plumbing our Evo in preparation for E85.

We start by first pulling off our intake manifold. To get to it we have to first remove our triangulated strut tower brace which blocks access to the area.

The remote reservoirs for our Moton 3-way adjustable coilovers are also removed and put to the side.

Our ARC coil cover is removed to gain access to part of the wire harness that has to be unplugged. We also removed the intake pipe and ARC airbox at this time too.

Ok, now everything is out of the way for some serious disassembly!

Next, we remove the injector harness, other parts of the wire harness, the throttle cable, unplug the TPS and AIC valve and remove the vacuum lines for the evap canister purge, fuel pressure regulator and boost control solenoid.


  1. Ha ha. An Crydom S.S.R (solid state relay) We use those to turn the heaters on and off on blow molding and injection molding industry.

  2. I designed billet MIVEC housings for the EVO X, it doesn’t surprise me at all that it gets stuck, the whole system works with small springs, edge seals and tiny tolerances balanced with oil pressure. The slightest trace of gunk or grit anywhere will stop it.

    The stock casting cracks when you put a bigger turbo in. We fixed the problem in our EVO 9, we removed it and put indexable cam gears instead.

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