Getting More Power From the 4G63 With Link Engine Managment

Here Ryan is installing the harness into our car.  The results are neat, clean and better than OEM!

Now it was time to install our HKS GTII turbo.  This turbo was described in a lot of detail in the previous article.

Howard unbolts the exhaust manifold from the head.

Next, he unbolts the O2 sensor housing from the downpipe.

Now our Full Race Pro Stock exhaust manifold can be removed with the turbo attached.

The HKS GTII turbo is a direct replacement for the stock turbo.


  1. Ha ha. An Crydom S.S.R (solid state relay) We use those to turn the heaters on and off on blow molding and injection molding industry.

  2. I designed billet MIVEC housings for the EVO X, it doesn’t surprise me at all that it gets stuck, the whole system works with small springs, edge seals and tiny tolerances balanced with oil pressure. The slightest trace of gunk or grit anywhere will stop it.

    The stock casting cracks when you put a bigger turbo in. We fixed the problem in our EVO 9, we removed it and put indexable cam gears instead.

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