PRI 2015: Part 3


This is none other than a 10,000hp Top Fuel/Funny Car nitro engine. If you haven’t checked out our Inside 10,000 horsepower article, you must. Just the several fun facts we've listed alone in there will blow you away.

To make 10,000 horsepower (which has supposedly now been verified up to 11,000hp by the sensor featured in PRI 2015 Part 1), massive fuel and spark is what it takes. That's why you see two MSD 44 amp Magneto igniters (we're told an NHRA spark plug could be used as an arc welder!), and a fuel system that pumps over 22,000 LPH!

You like digital dash displays? If so, Racepak was worth a visit. Its name is pretty synonymous with these types of high end racing products.

This is Racepak’s IQ3 logger dash, which can display lap times, lap numbers, predictive lap, track mapping, GPS speed, RPM, G-Meter, and voltage. And if that's not enough, you can add up to 42 other sensor outputs!

While we’re on the digital dash kick, how about one of these AiM GT350 steering wheels with fully programmable data logging and programmable buttons? It can even be outfitted with optional paddle shifters. Check out the shift lights at the top of the steering wheel, too. It was one of my favorite products from PRI 2014, and that didn't change for this year's show.

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