PRI 2015: Part 3


Canton developed these pretty nice coolant and power steering tanks for the Mini Cooper.
“Why fix it if it ain’t broken?” Swain Tech’s “White Lightning” ceramic coating has been around for years. I even remember testing this stuff near the turn of the millennium with an acetylene torch, as well as using its ceramic barriers in other project cars. Currently, I’ve got it keeping the heat inside Project Supra’s and Project E46 M3's exhaust systems, as well as the Supra’s turbo housing. As I type, I'm also waiting on my 1.00 AR housing to come back from Swain all white so it can go on the Supra’s new PTE Gen2 6870 turbocharger!

Swain also found that using its “Black Body Emitter” coating works to keep heat from transferring from the brake rotors to the calipers. This, in turn, keeps the brake fluid temperature in check. It has been working so well, in fact, that one of its clients who races a Corvette has been doing so with stock calipers!

In order to stay on top of the fuel game, Fuel Lab has a brushless fuel pump with speed control built into it. The fuel pressure regulator on the bottom monitors the return line flow, and this adjusts the pump electronically. Pretty trick.

While Fuel Lab sells universal in-tank fuel pump kits for power levels ranging from 1000 to 1800hp…

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