PRI 2015: Part 3


From BBS’ racing line, the E88 5-lug wheel is designated for Porsche. To me, this is a beautiful wheel. In the back is a center lock GT3 19 from BBS.

Here’s a BBS wheel used in Formula 1 racing!

The Toyo Tires sponsored Audi R8 LMS built by Flying Lizard Motorsports was sitting in Toyo's booth. Why is it so dirty, you ask? Apparently, this very car had just won the USAF 25 hours of Thunderhill (in the >2.0-liter category) just four days ago!

Nothing looks particularly crazy with this Nissan GTR until you realize that those aren’t brake ducts down there. 'Dem be some big ‘ol turbos that found a new location.

The whole parachute, drag wing-look appears to be very necessary now.

In the KA Sensors booth sat a pretty neat display. This KA motorsports turbo sensor system was showing what appeared to be pretty accurate readings on inlet air temperature (263.6 F), boost pressure (17.5 PSI) and turbo shaft speed (146,060 RPM!).

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