PRI 2015: Part 3


The PTE Gen2 6870 CEA is especially popular with the Supra community, and it was designed to bridge the gap between the newer 6766 CEA and the 7675 turbos. Speaking of the Gen2 6870, we’ve got one to replace the 6766 on our Project Supra as we speak! We'll be testing it with both the 1.15 divided AR we'd been running, as well as a 1.00, which will go on first. We're just waiting for that housing to get back from Swain Tech Coatings.We can’t leave the PTE booth without showing you one of its big boys. This is the Gen2 Pro Mod 106 turbo, which uses  a 106-mm compressor…… and 108-mm turbine wheel.  This single turbo is good for 2500hp!

PTE also has a totally separate department dealing with diesel turbos. PTE reports the turbos share no products between gas and diesel.

Here’s the Precision boosted, Hypersports Snow Outlaw, which is powered by a 6062 turbo! Ah. Yes. No thanks, I’ll pass..

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