PRI 2015: Part 3


…it also sells model-specific fuel pumps. This Fuel Lab system, for instance, is designated for a lucky Ford Mustang GT or GT500.

Speaking of fuel, I found Aeromotive in the same spot as last year, which you can’t miss because they’re in between two major rooms. I’m usually a little biased toward Aeromotive since I live only 8 minutes away from them in the Midwest. To see what they do, check out our “Tour through Aeromotive” article some time. It even includes some close-ups of its 3000hp Pro Mod car!

Aeromotive’s Phantom universal fuel systems are still some of its most popular products. These quiet, in-tank setups feature billet top hats with three O-ring boss ports, a sump and baffle to reduce fuel slosh, and height adjustability. A single pump system, using an Aeromotive Phantom Flex E85 compatible with 485 LPH fuel pump, can work for up to 1000whp in gas engine cars while E85 slurpers can get away with up to 700whp—these numbers are a little less for forced induction, however, because of the additional fuel necessary to deal with the torque. In the foreground you see Aeromotive’s dual Phantom pump setup, which—using twin E85-compatible 340 LPH pumps—can handle up to 1500whp naturally-aspirated, and 1200whp with turbo (900whp for turbo on E85). That'll work!

The SIN R1 GT road car is now available through SIN Cars UK Ltd. At first I thought it was a beefed up Lotus Exige, but when I read the stats I found myself with eyebrows raised.

The carbon fiber cockpit is air-conditioned and features a multi-funtional system with integrated Android table control.

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