PRI 2015: Part 3


While the SIN R1's pushrod, F1-derived suspension uses Nitron 3-way adjustable shock absorbers, the engine choices can range anywhere from a Chevrolet V8 LS3, LS7 or LS9 rated between 430 and 650hp! Now that's some roadcourse power! Until now, I used to believe the Noble M400 might possibly be one of the ultimate track beasts for under $100k, if not maybe even a slightly modified Lotus Exige S. But now I don't know. I'm having second thoughts.
Brembo brought out its arsenal of braking systems to PRI. Here we witness some of its different caliper designs and finishes available.

Notice the different logo used for its calipers designed for professional racing. Right in front of us is Brembo’s 380-mm (15.0-in), six-piston billet monobloc Type-5 endurance system, and next to it on the left is the Type-3, the only difference being a slightly narrower 380-mm rotor.

Seen here is the inside of a Brembo 8-piston caliper, which uses pistons that are slightly different than the ones we normally see. Notice the different label, which designates this caliper for non-professional racing.

This is another six-piston unit with the pistons we're more used to seeing on high performance applications for the street or track. The caliper is equipped with different piston bores to eliminate pad taper.

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